Sweepstakes/Lottery Handling, Warehousing & Logistics

And the winner is …

Your customer!

Games and contests are a great opportunity to interact with your customers. But where can we store the prizes? Storing and managing these goods often requires a lot of space and logistical know-how.  With a storage capacity of almost 11,000 square metres, we can provide sufficient space for your items.

As a matter of course, we also take care of shipping and delivering the prizes – from a range of canned goods to large-screen TVs, motor scooters and motor vehicles.

Not only your customers will win – but you will, too!

Overview of our promotions services:

  • Product-compatible storage
  • Shipment of letters, packages and pallets
  • From bicycles to entertainment electronics to motorcycles and cars
  • Handling of the cheapest shipping variant
  • Filling, repacking, counting
  • Processing of delivery and customs procedures