Logistic know-how & warehouse management

Storing and managing these goods often requires a lot of space and logistical know-how. With a storage capacity of almost 11,000 square metres, we can provide sufficient space for your items.

Would you like to be informed about the status of your warehouse or your marketing campaign at any time?

We can provide you with an online service tailored to your needs. In addition, you will receive an inventory overview and a log of the goods movements at regularly agreed intervals. Easing the logistical burden, thanks to our full service.

We take care of all your services from the planning of the optimal process, cost/postage optimisation to the creation of the shipping documents. Thanks to our flexibility as a specialist, we can handle a large part of the orders on the same day for you.

Overview of our logistical services:

  • Product-compatible storage
  • Shipment of letters, packages and pallets
  • Article availability within the shortest possible time
  • 24 hour ordering options
  • Promotional support
  • Sweepstakes/lottery handling
  • Handling of the cheapest shipping variant
  • Product-compatible packaging
  • Delivery in the shortest possible time and/or scheduled delivery
  • Filling, repacking, counting
  • Processing of delivery and customs procedures